Happy birthday cute and funny wishes

Happy birthday cute and funny wishes

Happy birthday cute and funny wishes

I wish you happiness, laughter,
Luck, success.
And life is just a fairy tale
And from relatives only affection.

Dreams come true
Friends are only smiling.
Let the problems have fun
Happy Birthday !!


Cool funny birthday wishes!!

Congratulations in the verses is great,
but not everyone likes the verses.
Many people think that the poetic congratulations
look as if their sender went to the first website that came across
and copied the first verse that came across –

Birthdays are never complete until you’ve sent happy birthday wishes to a friend or to any other birthday girll or boy!

These wishes will help your friends feel happy on their day of celebration

so if you are one of those who prefer prose,
we have interesting congratulations for you.

It turns out that it’s fun to wish happy birthday without poetry!

Happy birthday cute and funny wishes

Super happy birthday greetings!!

Happy birthday cute and funny wishes

Have fun, walk, dance,
Get yourself out of your soul

Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday cute and funny wishes


I want to wish you a happy birthday!
Wish simple human happiness and unearthly love.
Let money always attack you unexpectedly,
and don’t try to fight back.

Let your desires cry from your possibilities,
and do not rush to calm them.

Let your goals catch up with you yourself
and dreams be stunned by your fantasies.
I wish you to experience incredible climbs
and successes that will take your breath away.


Happy birthday cute and funny wishes

It’s your birthday. Now you’ve more grown up. Every year you’re becoming more perfect

Happy Birthday to such a fabulous friend!


  happy birthday

Happy birthday cute and funny wishes


A good person has a birthday that lasts more than one day !!
Let this holiday be bright, fun and inspiring!

And in this important year of yours, I wish you self-realization,
achievements and, of course, satisfaction from life! Happy Birthday!!!


Happy birthday cute and funny wishes

For every hidden desire that only a few candles will hear,
there is a dream that is burning to become true….

I wish you many years with health, love, joy, endless professional and personal successes,
many beautiful surprises and endless moments of happiness in your life!!!


girl balloons cat

Let life give you a gift
Awesome mix of happiness and good luck!
Live, show off, believe and wait –
your luck is ahead!

to be next to your door
and grief
a broken glass
Thousands of miles away from you

Let the problems fly away
Like balloons
Happy Birthday Congratulations

Smile, do not be sad!


Do not take off your smile

Joke, laughter and luck
Do not take off your smile
Grab a goldfish.

Being a person is very important
Pretty and brave
Living in a good mood
Well, in short, happy birthday!

I wish stress to be avoided
And sleep well at night.

Let the healthy do not care
Your strengthens the body
And so that the tone does not suffer,
Refill your glass often.

I wish you to get what you really want

Happy Birthday! I wish you to get what you really want
but also to want more of everything you have already acquired!

Happy birthday thousands of wishes
with all my love for you. Happy Birthday

May life be filled with dreams

It’s time for great things!
Equally for birthday
Spill a bottle!
Lives let you not be sad

  gif happy birthday

May life be filled with dreams

Successes, wonderful deeds,
Good and kind people
You take all the best from her!
It’s not without reason that
They consider life a wonderful gift!

cute wish

I congratulate you
I do not know what to say!
So much for you
That I have nothing to wish
I make you
All that is needed, saved,
To be happy!

Let you in everything
be lucky
Whatever you want let fate
Must give!
Let everything in life turn out well,

May luck in business always
Let your fate be bright
And the rest is just nonsense!

May the sky shine with bright lights
And the circle of friends will become wider
And let people give you congratulations
Which there are no relatives in the world!

cute wish

I want to tell you on your birthday that you are great!!
Remember when you were born, you were small, bald,
could not speak and walk.

And now you are big, beautiful,
chatting freely on any topic and have learned not only to walk,
but even to run. I wish you any success in life as easily!

girl balloons

I wish you success, great prosperity,

And most importantly – there are more friends in life,
And many sunny, joyful days!

Happy Birthday, Congratulations!

And the soul is always to sing!
For life to love you

cute wish

A birthday is a most special day in one’s life. Enjoy yours to its fullest

Have a wonderful happy healthy birthday now and forever. Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday cute and funny wishes


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